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Extending the Reach of the WVU Industrial Assessment Center

Download the Case Study 2021 Center of Excellence Award

The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) at West Virginia University’s Department of Industrial Management Systems Engineering within Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, is one of 32 centers around the country funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The IAC provides no-cost energy assessments to small and mid-sized manufacturers that help to save energy, reduce waste and improve productivity.

Energy Department Announces Universities to Lead Industrial Assessment Centers Program

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IAC students graduate with the skills and abilities needed to succeed in today's high-demand, fast paced energy and manufacturing industry.

Meet our team!

What We Do

  • Energy assessment using energy analysis and diagnostic instrumentation.
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency for manufacturing facilities, water treatment facilities, waste water treatment facilities and buildings.
  • Analytics in support of energy efficiency.
  • Train the next generation of energy-water nexus engineers.
  • Assist industry with ISO 50001 and SEP energy management.
  • Pollution prevention and waste reduction.
  • E3: Energy, Environment, and Economics assessments.
  • Publish research in energy efficiency through peer reviewed journals and in conferences.
  • Evaluate cyber security, develop smart manufacturing application for energy efficiency and reduce water usage and waste.
  • Resiliency planning, decarbonization, and use of alternative feed-stock fuels.

Fast Facts for the national IAC program

  • Saved American Companies more than $700 million per year through efficiency and productivity improvements by spending just $27 million.
  • Enabled small and mid-sized manufacturers to save energy to power a city the size of Boston for a year.
  • Helped to create and maintain more than 1.5 million industry jobs in the U.S.
  • Educated thousands of senior undergraduate and graduate students on fundamentals of industrial energy and resource efficiency.
  • The total CO2 emissions saved : 711,410 tons per year (314,016 implemented).

Key Stakeholders

  • Students.
  • Industry.
  • Government.


The WVU IAC have published newsletters describing the work done at WVU IAC, the successes achieved by the students and the awards received by the team for their extraordinary research and assessments done.